Verisurf Install and License Activation

Download software from

Use the following credentials to access the download page

  • User: user
  • Password: Verisurf

Select the required product and version then select download

After Verisurf install file is downloaded

Right Mouse clicking on the downloaded file and select Run as Administrator

If Mastercam is installed already it will only install Verisurf

If Mastercam is not installed it will install Mastercam as well as Verisurf

(Pics below are dependant on whether Mastercam is installed or not)

Make changes as required

Prompt to install the VDI and take you to the VDI webpage

Install the drivers that are required for your hardware

Installing your Verisurf License Codes

1. After you have successfully installed Verisurf, license codes will need to be installed before use. Upon first starting your Verisurf software you will be prompted to enter your license information.

2. Automatic Code Entry is available to customers who have an active internet connection and are on-maintenance. Selecting Verisurf Online Access will automatically download and install your license codes.

3. Manual Code Entry is available for customers without an internet connection or without maintenance, you may utilize this option by either copying or typing the codes from the code that was sent to you into the licensing area within Verisurf.

4. Click on VS-TOOLS then Verisurf Preferences

5. Select Update

6. Manually enter the code that was sent to you then select Save Manual Code