Staff Spotlight: George Vassilev

George “Master Mastercam Trainer” Vassilev, celebrating 20 years at In-House Solutions

George Vassilev Celebrating 20 Years with In-House Solutions

We would like to congratulate George Vassilev on his 20 year milestone as a Mastercam Trainer with In-House Solutions!

Edward House, President and CEO of In-House Solutions, describes George as a master industrial teacher, a master Mastercam authority and a master Mastercam resource. “When it comes to teaching Mastercam to industrial trainees, George is likely one of the top in North America.  He has a great way of simplifying the most complicated training and CNC programming situations.” Mr. House said.

George is very knowledgeable when it comes to the inner workings of Mastercam.  When trainees or others struggle to complete a toolpath they can always count on George to find a workaround or a better way.  He is a trusted sounding board when it comes to Mastercam and CNC programming for all.

His students consistently agree:

“George was a great instructor he knows the content very well and is able to get his message across to the students.”

“George the trainer was very friendly so I made many comments and asked a lot of questions even though I am usually quite shy. He was helpful with answering questions that were not 100% related to the Mastercam software. I learned things that I will use every day.”

And finally “George did an excellent job showing us everything. I feel pretty knowledgeable and could begin learning the advanced techniques. Very good teacher and a man of all solutions!”

We asked George what he found most rewarding about teaching Mastercam.

He said “Their smiles! The best is when the customer realizes that it was worth asking for help and that they actually learned something. It is about allowing our customers to walk away knowing more than they came in with, and with the ability to be successful as they enter into their market or industry.”

A lot can change in 20 years. We asked George to talk about the changes he’s seen in that time.

He laughed when he said, “When I started out I had to carry 4 desktop computers and CRT monitors. Now, I only need four laptops. While the physical weight is less, the knowledge and information we have to pass to the customers is so much more.”

He continued, “one of the most significant changes I’ve seen in the industry is the technology and people. Technology advances: Software and tools are easier to use, and there is a lot of information on the net. Yet it can be hard to find people to do the job and want to learn – the machining problems customers are facing are constantly becoming more challenging, and the need for educating the industry is becoming even more important.”

A final word from George Vassilev:

“Customers think we do it fast because it is easy, but the truth is we spend a lot of time learning from our mistakes how to do it better and faster, which we pass along to you”, George added. “Moral of the story, don’t skip steps, and understand that there is always an opportunity to learn in this industry. Use your resources wisely, and ask as many questions as you possibly can. Take time to talk to industry professionals – you might just learn something from them.”

In-House Solutions wants to thank George “Master Mastercam Trainer” Vassilev on all his hard work these past 20 years!