Staff Spotlight: Glenn Bouman

GLENN BOUMAN, celebrating 25 years at In-House Solutions

Glenn Bouman Celebrating 25 years at In-House SolutionsWe are proud to shine a light on Glenn Bouman who is celebrating 25 outstanding years with In-House Solutions. Many of our customers will have had the pleasure of working with “The Famous Glenn” in his tech support role over the years, and there isn’t a problem he hasn’t seen or dealt with in his career.

How has your role in Tech Support changed?

When we asked Glenn how his job has changed over the past 25 years, he told us, “the role is the same, but the tools are different”. It’s as simple as that. It’s a relatively stable industry, and an industry you can depend on. Although Glenn laughed and added, “25 years ago there was no email, internet, GPS, cell phones, or separate training, posts and tech departments.” He even shared a photo with us of one of the first laptops that In-House Solutions purchased for him. It cost a grand total of almost $8,000 more than 20 years ago.

“The role is the same, but the tools are different.”

What do you like about working at In-House Solutions?

Being a crucial part of our tech support team, it came as no surprise when Glenn said that working closely with customers every day was what he liked most about his job. Problem solving, the ability to work independently and autonomously, and the variety in his work – tackling new problems each and every day also made the list.

Bruce Karl and BobGlenn told us, “My best memories of working at In-House Solutions was when we were in the early stages – in a one-room office, when all ideas and challenges could be shared instantly with Ed, Bob, and Karl.” (Bruce, Karl & Bob shown on the right) Although it is no longer a ‘one-room office’, In-House Solutions continues to be a pillar of innovation and collaboration, sharing ideas and challenges between the teams and always putting the customer first.

Glenn Bouman Supporting Mastercam in Canada for 25 years!What has changed in the industry the past 25 years?

When asked about specific trends and changes he’s seen in the industry as a whole, Glenn mentioned “The small mom and pop, tool and die and mold making shops have almost disappeared. Either they have merged, or gone off-shore with their capabilities.”

His advice to those trying to make it in the industry?

“Value the customer’s multi-million dollar investment in equipment and tooling that can easily be destroyed by incorrect g-code.” On top of that, “Never stop learning.”

In-House Solutions celebrated 30 years on June 8th at all our core offices. Read about it and watch the presentations by Meghan West, President of CNC Software, and Edward House, President and CEO of In-House Solutions: