Staff Spotlight: Mariana Lendel

Celebrating Mariana Lendel on 20 Years at In-House SolutionsJust in time for International Women’s Day, In-House Solutions would like to congratulate Mariana Lendel on 20 years employment with In-House Solutions.

Schooled as a mechanical engineer in Romania, Mariana was first hired to fill a contract trainer position at In-House Solutions. She helped train classes of industry professionals, students, and educators on Mastercam. It was only on the side that Mariana began to help with the first ever Mastercam Training book for V7. This book included 260 pages of training on Mill Level 1 and Mill Level 3.

Once Mariana had a taste of co-writing a book, her passion to create new material pushed her to research Mastercam training gaps in the market. Her titles expanded to include Lathe, Wire, and Multiaxis. When Mastercam came out with Router, the training book for Router quickly followed. Ultimately, Mariana has focused on covering everything from Mill to ATP, popular to niche. The goal is to give individuals the right training tools to improve their knowledge, and allow them to program parts more efficiently and succeed in their careers.

Mariana told us, that “right from the start In-House Solutions saw the possibility of being able to sell these books. We were selling mostly to colleges over North America – the USA market especially. We created our main tutorials in metric as well as imperial, and expanded sales across the rest of the world”.

Flash forward to today. Mariana’s main role is as the author of Training Materials found on With over 40 books published for Mastercam 2018, the most popular Mill Essentials and Mill Advanced books contain just under 1000 pages each. Mastercam 2019 editions are well underway to be ready upon release. Yet Mariana can still be found training live classes and has played a key role in the training of many industry experts across Canada (and the world) over those 20 years. “I am so happy to be able to help other people learn something that can advance them in their careers, with my greatest satisfaction coming from the idea that I have made somebody more knowledgeable than when they started.” she says.

Mariana Mariana’s favourite part about working at In-House?

“Besides the fact I love the job that I’m doing – it’s the people. I love the company and the atmosphere. I know I can rely on everybody else’s help, always. I know I can write and create the books, but it’s a team effort with feedback from everybody around me. Whether it be the tech support team, marketing, or the sales team, their input counts a lot to make every book better.

Do you have any advice for teachers and trainers?

“As a trainer I think you need to always put yourself in your students shoes – ask yourself, ‘What am I delivering, are they going to be able to grasp it?’ With that said, there are various types of learners – you need to get outside your box, and understand that each person you interact with will learn differently. You need to be compassionate and understand the struggle of learning – it could be more difficult to explain a specific concept – understand this, and explain it in more than one way for the entire classroom.”

What have you observed demographically over your 20 years?

“Men still predominately fill industry roles, I have not observed a significant change in the breakdown over the years. Women may be few, but they are feisty and learn quickly.”

Mariana Lendel ClassroomAs a woman trainer, have you run into any issues?

“No – knowledge is knowledge. If anyone questions me it doesn’t take long for them to see that I know my stuff!”

Final thoughts from Mariana Lendel for other women in industry:

“You need to love to learn… never stop learning! Even after my 20 years of teaching and training I am still learning. Embrace new challenges and keep up with technology – the industry is constantly changing. Be confident and you will succeed!”