STEM curriculum now with Instructor DVD

In-House Solutions is making its innovative Applied CNC STEM Activities curriculum even better with the addition of a new Instructor DVD included with each Instructor Guide. Sales of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum have grown steadily since the product was launched last fall.

“The STEM material is already being actively used by numerous high schools, tech centers, colleges and universities around the nation.” said Connor Turnhout, Educational Sales and Trainer at In-House Solutions. “We have received a lot of positive feedback from Instructors surrounding the material and have customers coming back for more.”

Each of the three available projects — the Ruler, Catapult and Carousel — is packaged as a complete, self-contained resource designed to help educators incorporate STEM-focused studies into the learning environment. The new DVD will include files compatible with any CAD/CAM package. Final projects can be created using a CNC machine, 3D printer or laser engraver, allowing instructors to check and test their students’ work.

STEM Sidebar“With the addition of the DVD to the Instructor Material, we are adding a key component to delivering the best available STEM product.” said Turnhout. “The DVD adds another layer of flexibility for the instructor when following the Training Material as it includes all the Geometry Files. This means that if the Instructor doesn’t have the ability, or desire, to create any of the files (Mastercam, Gibbs, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORS, STL etc.), they can effortlessly send them to a 3D Printer, CNC Machine or Laser Engraver.”

Suitable for secondary and post-secondary levels of learning, student and instructor editions are available. Lesson plans, instructor STEM notes and guide, rubrics, student worksheets, answer keys and exams that align with national standards are included with each project.

Encouraging student interest in STEM is a growing concern for educators, government and the labor market. The U.S. Department of Education ( has projected an increase of 14 percent in STEM-related jobs between 2010 and 2020. Added to that figure is the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ estimation that those same jobs will grow by nine million between 2012 and 2022.* Making STEM education a national priority is one of the driving forces behind the Washington-based STEM Education Coalition.

The Applied CNC STEM Activities curriculum integrates all four subjects using an applied approach based on real-world applications. The hands-on teaching style is designed to engage and interest students, and spark an interest in STEM-related jobs through the secondary and post-secondary years.

To learn more about the curriculum, contact the In-House Solutions education department at 1-800-529-5517 or [email protected], or visit online at The project books are also available for order online at