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Licensing Error for Workstations on NetHASP

Nethasp: Unable to Launch Mastercam from Workstation – Mastercam

Issue: When launching Mastercam from a workstation that needs to access the NetHASP for licensing, if it does not have access, one or both of the below pop-ups will occur. Trouble Shooting: Note: At any point that (version) is present enter/insert/reference the version of Matercam in question. ie. A path states as ‘C:\Program Files\mcam(version)\common’ If […]

Licensing Error for HASP

Licensing Error for HASP

HASP: No Sim Found   Issue:   Mastercam fails to launch and provides the error ‘No SIM found’     Note: This document is intended for Hasp licensing. If this is occurring with a NetHASP please see document ‘Nethasp_Unable to Launch Mastercam from Workstation’   Trouble Shooting:   Note: At any point that (version) is […]

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