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Customer Spotlight: Cap-Thin Molds

In 2013, Cap-Thin Molds (Mississauga, Ontario), a manufacturer of precision, multi-cavity production molds for caps and closures consolidated its manufacturing operations within a new, larger facility. By 2015, the company had driven time for a 32-cavity mold down from 18-20 weeks to 8-10 weeks. Carmen Goudey, Manager of CNC Operations, said that much of lead […]


Creating a Threadmill Toolpath   Toolpaths > Circle Paths > Threadmill   Enter new NC name > Accept     Select Entities and pick desired geometry     Accept    See all How To’s, Tips & Tricks and FAQ’s here! Presented by Sandy McClintock, Applications Support Specialist Do you have a topic or question you would […]

Positive vs. Negative Stock

Positive vs Negative Stock

Positive vs Negative Stock to Leave Negative stock is the opposite of positive stock but there are some things you need to keep in mind when using these functions. If the outcome is not what is required, the model needs to be modified to suit the desired outcome.   The Stock to leave fields can […]

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