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Using Solids for Toolpath

Using Solids for Toolpath – Mastercam

Solid features can be selected for the entities required for toolpath creation. How these features are selected can be slightly different depending whether 2D toolpaths or surface toolpaths are being used. 2D Toolpaths These toolpaths will allow wireframe and/or solid(s) to be selected. These toolpaths are contour, drill, pocket, face, engraving, and 2D High Speed […]


Creating a Threadmill Toolpath   Toolpaths > Circle Paths > Threadmill   Enter new NC name > Accept     Select Entities and pick desired geometry     Accept    See all How To’s, Tips & Tricks and FAQ’s here! Presented by Sandy McClintock, Applications Support Specialist Do you have a topic or question you would […]

Swept 2D

Wireframe: Swept 2D     Wireframe Swept 2D is actually a 2½D toolpath that is created by sweeping one contour (across contour) along a second contour (along contour). This toolpath allows only one along contour. The across and along contours blend together which generates a 2½D toolpath.   Toolpath Creation   Example 1 – Cleaning […]

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