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Nethasp Licensed to Different Products

Nethasp Licensed to Different Products

Nethasp Licensed to Different Products In some cases a customer may have a nethasp licensed to several different products and users will need to select what is required for what they are programming. This can be done on the fly or icons can be set up. Note: At any point that (version) is present enter/insert/reference […]

eMastercam December Bundle Sale

Bundle up for Decem-brrrr!

Get 25%-40% off select PDF and Book Bundles at eMastercam.com.   4 Bundles to choose from:   Bundle #1 – “Most Popular” 25% Off! • Mill Essentials • Mill Advanced • Solids   PRINT Books – $116 (Regular $155) Mill Essentials and Mill Advanced include Video Training DVD Includes Mastercam Home Learning Edition/Demo Software Click […]

Importing Custom Tools Into Mastercam Tool Manager

Importing Custom Milling Tools into Mastercam Tool Manager   Many custom tools are available for download as .DXF files from a supplier’s website. Open Mastercam Tool Manager  (Start>All Programs>Mastercam X9>Tool Manager)   File>Open   Select the tool library this tool will be stored in Tool libraries have the extension of .tooldb. The default location for these […]

Update Hasp/Nethasp

Update Hasp/NetHasp

Hasp Code Update for Mastercam X9 Please see the attached code file. To update or install your codes please follow the instructions provided below. 1. Open the email you received from In-House Solutions 2. Right click on attachment and choose the option to “Save As” 3. If Mastercam is not on the computer where you […]

Updating to MCfSW – Advanced Option

Updating to MCfSWX9 – Advanced Option Follow these steps: 1. Create two empty folders on your desktop. Call one “X8” and the other “X9”. 2. Copy only the custom Machine and Control Definitions from the C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared mcamforswx8\CNC_MACHINES folder to the X8 folder created on the desktop. The Machine Definitions will have one of the file […]

Dynamic XForm

Dynamic Xform

Drag Function is now Dynamic Xform     In Mastercam X7 and previous versions, the Drag was a function available under Xform.     Starting with Mastercam X8 and moving forward, this function was removed due to the same functionality being available with Dynamic Xform.     Although the same functions are available, it appears […]

Setting Operation Library

Setting Operation Library

Setting Operation Library Load machine (this is set per machine) Settings Machine Definition Manager   Control Definition Under Control Topics select Files Select Operation library (inch) or Operation library (metric) Change selected item’s file name to desired file   See all How-To’s, Tips & Tricks and FAQ’s here! Presented by Sandy McClintock, Applications Support Specialist Do […]

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