Certification Training for Mastercam Mill 3D/Router 3D

This course is designed for the experienced Mastercam user and provides the student with knowledge of 3D design and 3D toolpaths. 


The course starts with an introduction to Mastercam planes and views. You will learn how to use predefined planes and how to create new planes using commands such as From Geometry, Dynamic and From entity normal. You will also learn how to set the constructions planes at different Z depths. You will create 3D Wireframe and 3D Solid geometry. 

Surface toolpaths, Rough pocket and Finish contour, will be compared with 3D High Speeds toolpath, Area Roughing and Waterline. Scallop, Equal Scallop and Pencil High Speed toolpaths will be introduced too. The students will learn how to create surfaces using the following surface commands: Revolved, Draft, Flat boundary, Ruled/Lofted, Net, Sweep and Power surfaces. 

3D High Speed OptiRough, Horizontal Area, Hybrid and Project toolpaths will also be covered. You will learn how to modify surfaces using Offset surface, Trim surface, Fillet surface and Blend surface commands. You will also learn how to work with Stock model toolpaths that can be used to verify stock, to define stock for rest machining or in stock model compares. When and how to use Surface Flowline, 3D High Speed Radial, Blend and Raster will also be taught. 

Prerequisites: 2D Mill experience, CNC machining experience, basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows. 

What’s Included: All training materials are included. 

Duration: 4 Days