Certification Training for Mastercam Multiaxis

Certification Training for Mastercam Multiaxis Training Course is designed for experienced Mastercam Mill users wishing to learn in-depth Multiaxis programming. 


The training course starts with programming machines with a 4th axis that have indexers or servo rotary tables. You will learn how to use toolpaths such as Contour, Slot Mill and Dynamic Mill with Axis substitution. You will also learn how to create the required geometry for these toolpaths. You will use Axis Positioning option to drill holes. Roll die C-hook to machine the off-center walls and Transform Rotate toolpaths are also covered. The training course will explain the Multiaxis Legacy toolpaths such as Rotary, Curve, Swarf, Flow and Multisurface. Specific parameters such as Cut patterns, Tool Axis Control, Limits, Collision Control, Linking and more will be described in detail. 

The more advanced toolpaths, such as Swarf Milling, Rotary Advanced, Multiaxis Pocketing and Deburr toolpaths with their extra options for tool axis orientations and collision control, will also be included. The Unified toolpath which consolidates all the surface-based toolpaths such as Morph, Parallel, Along Curve, and Project in a single interface will be taught. Port Expert toolpath designed to help programming complex port geometry is also covered in this course. An introduction to Accelerated finish tools and how to use them to improve the surface quality and the machining cycle will also be provided. Additionally, the training course describes how to verify the toolpaths using the Machine simulation module that combines both toolpath backplot mode and material removal mode with collision detections. 

Prerequisites: 3D Mill experience, CNC machining experience, basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows. 

What’s Included: All training materials are included. 

Duration: 4 Days