University of Guelph FSAE Gryphon Racing

UofG - Gryphon Racing Logo In-House Solutions would like to congratulate the University of Guelph FSAE Gryphon Racing Team on placing 14th out of 120 teams at the competition in Michigan this year – the best they’ve ever done! We got this great thank you note from them that we’d like to share:

Hope all has been well at In-House Solutions over the past year. Just wanted to update you with the team’s progress over the year. We managed to place 14th out of 120 teams at the competition in Michigan, the best the team has ever done!

Without a license of Mastercam 2018 sponsored by In-House Solutions, Gryphon Racing would not be able to design, manufacture and perform on the track. Most of the cam for billet machined components were programmed with Mastercam 2018. Being able to give the students on the team the hand on experience with the CNC and programming environment of the manufacturing world is experience beyond any classroom experience.

The software was able to give students the idea of how a part is machined in industry, and how their design should be adapted to allow for the manufacturing method of choice to be performed at minimal cost and accuracy. With the goal of FSAE to give students the real word experience and knowledge, being able to machine components by oneself is amazing experience. Taking classroom knowledge and applying to real work challenges is experience unlike any other.

Below are some photos of components the team design and manufactured:

UofG – CNC Aluminum Mold
CNC machined Aluminum mold for carbon fiber and composite manufacturing

UofG CNC Aluminum Upright
From Left to Right: CNC Aluminum upright installed on vehicle, Mid operation snapshot, CAD Model

UofG CNC Aluminum
Left: CNC Aluminum Upright installed on vehicle Right: CAD Model

UofG CNC Wire
Left: Wire EDM Bellcrank installed on vehicle Right: CAD Model