Updating your software license or moving license to a new computer

Step 1. Open your Start Menu (You must be connected to the Internet to perform this license update)

Step 2. Under the Mastercam Licensing Utilities folder select Activation Wizard

Step 3. Select Online Activation/Deactivation

Step 4. Select Deactivate or Move an Existing License

Step 5. Select your previous license

Step 6. Select Next

Step 7. Select Next

Step 8.  ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Copy your License number and activation code to Notepad so you can use it to reactivate your license

Step 9a. Select Finish

***At this point you could move the activation to a different system if required***

Step 9b. Open Activation Wizard again and Select Online Activation/Deactivation

Step 10. Select Activate New License

Step 11. Accept the terms and conditions if you agree

Step 12. Select Next

Step 13. Enter your License number and Activation code that you copied to Notepad

Step 14. Select Next

Step 15. Read and check the of the check box if you agree

Step 16. Select Next

Step 17. After the activation finishes select Finish