Verisurf 2017 Has Arrived – Get it Now!

Verisurf Software
is pleased to announce the public release and immediate availability of Verisurf 2017 – a major product update featuring a host of exciting new capabilities and improvements carefully crafted to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and promote factory automation.

Verisurf 2017 Release Announcement

Maintenance Customers can Download VERISURF 2017 Today:

DOWNLOAD HERE (username:user; password:verisurf)

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Off Maintenance Customers:

Using an older version of Verisurf and not currently on maintenance? Email us to get an upgrade quote and enjoy all the productivity potential of Verisurf 2017.

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Some features and benefits Verisurf customers will enjoy with this major release:

• User Experience (UX) makeover enhances productivity – All new Icons, Ribbon Bars, Tabs, Groups, Panels, Galleries, Tech Tips, and redesigned Dialogs deliver a modern, Microsoft Ribbon Framework compliant user experience that enhances productivity.

• NEW SDK opens Verisurf to user apps – A new software development kit (SDK) enables programmatic access to Verisurf’s metrology tool set – opening limitless possibilities for creating customized apps and interfaces.

Power Surface advances CAD surfacing – An all-new, unparalleled surfacing tool that creates advanced CAD surfaces within complex bounding curves, through pointclouds, or meshes.

AutoAlign easier and more flexible – Rough align after only 1 or 2 targets are measured, support for out-of-sequence target measurement, and the ability to add a material offset for in-process measurement checks expand AutoAlign utility.

Amazing new 2-Point Measure – The simplicity of the new 2-point measure feature belies both its power and utility. Measure lengths, widths, heights, gaps, steps, and flushes with only 2 probe touches on any pair of parallel surfaces to instantaneously determine measured, nominal, and deviation values. A great tool for quickly determining a nominal dimension from a CAD model without the aid of a separate, dimensioned, paper drawing or error-prone manual computations based on adjacent dimensions.