What’s New in Mastercam 2019: Capture and Replay

Capture and Replay

  • Removes/adds material when moving playback backward and forward
  • See effect of tool travel
  • Identify potential issues
  • Saves time, eliminates need to restart Simulation

In previous releases, to investigate detailed areas of the toolpath for potential gouges or to see direction changes and the effects of material removal, you had to restart Simulation and reprocess. Depending on the number of toolpaths, this could take significant time to process. Also, you could not easily move the playback bar backward and forward to see material removal transitions.

Mastercam 2019 eliminates the need to restart Simulation with a new rewind feature. You can now set a range within the timeline allowing the verification of a toolpath in Simulator to remove and apply material from the stock model. The rewind function allows a user to remove material from or apply material to the part, by manually moving the slider back and forth.

This allows the user to see exactly which move might potentially cause a gouge or to highlight changes in direction without having to restart the simulation from the beginning. This can save considerable processing time during validation of toolpaths.

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