What’s New in Mastercam 2019: Section View

We’re excited about the new section views in Mastercam 2019. Watch this video to see how it works:

New Section Views

  • Improve visualization and documentation needs
  • Define one or more planes
  • Support all geometry, stock models, and toolpaths

The new Section View feature provides greater part visibility by allowing you to define one or more cutaway viewing planes to expose hard-to-see areas of your parts. Section views can be used to section stock models, shaded entities (meshes, surfaces, and solids), wireframes, and toolpaths and can be saved as viewsheets so that you can quickly retrieve different display views.

This benefits Job Prep and Design, as well as Turning.

Section views are beneficial for visualization, checking clearances and possible interferences, locating hidden features or geometry, evaluating geometry for tool selection, creating job process documentation, and many other purposes.

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