What’s New in Mastercam 2019: Solid Hole Operation

Solid Hole Operation

  • Eliminates need for wireframe helper geometry
  • Easy drop-down menu for blind, through, counterbore, countersink, and counter drill holes
  • Customizable preset file with drills, tap sizes, and socket head screw support

Creating holes features in previous versions of Mastercam required the use of helper geometry like points, arcs, and circles. In Mastercam 2019, this limitation has been eliminated and simplified to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of creating holes. Interaction is streamlined so that that you can select a reference face or plane and then select AutoCursor positions to easily create holes.

This enhancement also includes support for blind, through hole, counterbore, counter drill, and countersink holes, accessible through a simple drop-down menu. These holes can be driven by a predefined, yet customizable, list of standardized holes, drills, taps, and cap screw sizes and dimensions. These parameters can be easily edited in the Hole operation within the solid tree. In addition, the interactive preview feature lets you see the results prior to accepting any changes or modifications.

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