What’s New in Mastercam 2019: Toolpath Analysis and Timeline Zoom

Toolpath Analysis

  • Color codes motion with four different settings:
    • By Operation, by Tool, by Feed Rate, and by Segment Length
  • Improves visualization of different data types
  • Matches color scheme of Advanced Toolpath Display

The new Advanced Toolpath Analysis features also carry over to Mastercam Simulator. All settings and attributes in Simulator will match the currently active settings inside Mastercam. This will allow a user to color code toolpath motion using different methods including by Operation, by Tool, by Feed Rate, and by Segment Length.

The color scheme will show the toolpath motion and aid the user with identification of specific areas of interest in the posted data. Problem areas and specific targets can be quickly identified using this color coding. Colors are customizable, and the user has the option of defining their own color scheme.

Also, the default colors used for instances like Feed Rate, follow the same color scheme that is set in Mastercam for the Advanced Toolpath Display feature.

Timeline Zoom

  • Improves visualization and lets you adjust area of focus
  • View areas of concern or specific sections more easily
  • Controls expansion and contraction of operations in the timeline
  • Beneficial for viewing the fine details of an operation

Mastercam 2019 adds a new Timeline Zoom feature to Simulator. This feature improves visualization and helps you adjust the granularity of the playback slider. The left-hand slider controls how much the operation timeline is expanded or contracted, while the right-hand slider shows you where you are in the overall sequence of operations being viewed. This can be beneficial when you need to slow down playback to see the finer details and movement related to specific operations.

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