Why Choose Mastercam as your CAM Software for CNC Programming?

In the CAM software industry the matter of choice is something that arises in conversations and forums time and time again. “Which is the best CAM software?” is the most common search. Terms like “best CAM software”, “simple CAM software”, and “affordable CAM software” are a vital part of the CNC machinists search.

To help with this global need of choice, we have outlined why you should choose Mastercam and In-House Solutions for your CNC programming needs.

Mastercam – As the most widely used CAD/CAM software in the world, you’ll find Mastercam everywhere, shaping the future of manufacturing!

1. One Environment for all your CNC Machines

With Mastercam, find all your CNC machines such as Mill, Lathe, Router, Mill-Turn, and Wire under one platform.  There is no need to have a platform for each of your CNC machines, but rather have one environment for all using Mastercam. Moreover, benefit from a common interface and workflow across modules leading to a smooth transition from one machine to another.

2. Most Widely Used CAM Software Package in Manufacturing Facilities

Mastercam is the world’s most widely-used CAM software for the 23rd straight year, according to the latest analysis by CIMdata, Inc. Due to its popularity, familiarity with Mastercam is a HUGE asset in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Choosing Mastercam will help you fill jobs and learning Mastercam will help you get jobs.

3. Drastically Reduce Production Times and Manufacturing Costs

Increase efficiency through increased metal removal rates using strategies like Dynamic Motion Technology achieving 20% – 75% faster cycle times, dramatically extended tool life and less wear on your machines. The new PrimeTurning strategy allows you to turn in all directions resulting in higher productivity gains while increasing tool life.  Make your entire shop faster and more efficient.

4. eMastercam Forums

Benefit from the most active Mastercam community used to share technical knowledge, applications of CNC machines tools, manufacturing processes and technology. Get answers from machinists, engineers, and other personnel in the manufacturing industry across the globe and around the clock. www.eMastercam.com

5. Family Owned Corporations

Both Mastercam and In-House Solutions have remained family owned businesses from their founding, focusing on advancements in technology. Mastercam has one clear focus that has not changed for 35 years, and that is on CAD/CAM.

6. eMastercam Training Solutions

We offer the largest selection of Mastercam Training Materials worldwide, suitable for all levels of experience; from the new user just learning, to the experienced wanting to upgrade their skills. Offerings include print books, eBooks, eCourses, Multimedia and Sitewide Subscriptions. www.eMastercam.com

7. In-House Post Processors

At In-House Solutions there is no need to go outside of the company to develop your post. Our In-House PostDev team has experience with machines from all over the world with varying complexities. Read about PostDev >

8. Technical Support Services

In-House Solutions firmly believes in after-sale care and support. We offer several options to help you find the answers you are looking for from our support lines and field technicians to our How-To Tips, eMastercam community and our online Mastercam Training Tutorials, we are here to help.

9. Demos

We offer on-site demos customized to the specific needs of the client, we don’t simply show you a standard stock demo. Our team  is available and ready to provide a demo for your specific need.



Interested in learning more about Mastercam? Contact us and let’s set up a demo today!