X8 Tips: Adjusting Precision Factor for better Verify Results

X8 Tips: Adjusting the Precision Factor for better Verify ResultsAre you finding your graphical results in the Mastercam X8 Verify Simulation less than desirable?

Try modifying the Precision Factor in the Simulator Defaults XML.


 Select File, Open User Folder












Open up the MastercamSimulatorDefaults.xml

Mastercam Simulation Defaults














Under Verify Settings, notice the PrecisionFactor, by default, is set to 1.

Precision Factor Default


If you would like to achieve better graphical results, try changing this to 2.5. For very, very small parts, you can even trying going as high as 4. However, please be aware that increasing the Factor takes up more resources, and could result in slower processing times. For the change to take place, you must save the document, close Mastercam, and re-open.


*I opened up the .xml file with XML Notepad which I downloaded off the internet.

*Also note that the quality of your graphics card will play a large role in the quality of your Verify results.






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