X8 Tips: Strategic Multiaxis Toolpath Procedure

X8 Tips: Strategic Multiaxis Toolpath ProcedureDo you find yourself struggling to efficiently create your Multiaxis toolpaths? Are you consistently using a “trial & error” approach when defining your parameters?

At In-House Solutions, we find the most success when we strategically and patiently work our way down the parameter tree. Next time you are creating Multiaxis toolpath, try this approach.

After selecting your Tool & Holder define your Cut Pattern and then select the OK button to generate the toolpath.

Cut Pattern










When examining your result in backplot, focus solely on the cut pattern motion. Your tool will likely be colliding with your part, and in the wrong orientation, but that comes later. Once your cut pattern is sufficient, go back into the parameters to define your Tool Axis Control.

Tool Axis Control










Again, examine your result in backplot, now ensuring the cut pattern and tool axis control are behaving correctly. Lastly move on and define your Collision Control.

Collision Control










In 3 axis toolpaths, it is generally simple to define all your parameters at once, and achieve the desired result. In Multiaxis toolpaths, there are more moving parts, and the desired result can be quite intricate. Often times, users will try to define all parameters at once. When they find the result is not satisfactory, they then have a difficult time determining where they went wrong. By patiently working your way down the parameters tree (it was organized this way for a reason) you may find that you are creating good toolpaths more often, and at a quicker pace. There is no point in defining your Tool Axis Control, if your Cut Pattern is not correctly defined in the first place.


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