X9 Rollout – Lathe, Multiaxis, Simulator, Tool Manager

What’s new in Mastercam X9?

WEBINAR #4 – Lathe, Multiaxis, Simulator, Tool Manager

X9 Rollout webinar 4

With the release of X9, Mastercam has made some exciting changes to offer you more than ever! This is the fourth and final installment of our X9 Rollout Webinar Series, focusing on Lathe, Multi-axis, the Simulator and the Tool Manager.

In approximately 30 minutes, see how the enhancements made across these modules will optimize your Mastercam experience.

Highlights include:

  • Lathe Roughing – Shorten Path
  • Multiaxis Linking
  • WCS Awareness
  • Adaptive Quality
  • Fixture Support
  • New Tool Type Support

Download this pre-recorded Webinar for review and self-training.

Click here to check out the entire series. 

Jon House

Presented by Jon House
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