Mastercam Mill-Turn

Mastercam Mill-Turn combines the power of Mastercam’s Mill and Lathe toolpaths with a suite of tools and technologies that let you program advanced multi-function, multi-stream lathes and machining centers with built-in machine simulations.


Combined with the Lathe and Mill Modules, the Mill-Turn Add-On gives access to the most advanced turning and Mill-Turn toolpaths. The Mill-Turn product allows users to program pinch turn, balanced turn, B-axis turning toolpaths, turret synchronizations, approach and retracts and synchronizing multiple turrets/spindles.


One of the biggest advantages of the Mill-Turn product is by far the Machine simulation. Combined with the 3D tools, Mastercam Mill-Turn allows you to set up your tool in the Turret and offers a complete machine simulation, including tail stock and steady rest.


With the Mill-Turn module, there is no need to create planes for Mill-Turn toolpaths. Mastercam can recognize the features and create Tool Planes based on geometry and machine cinematics.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of adding Mill-Turn product on my Mastercam license?

Mill-Turn product allows you to simplify the programming of Mill-Turn Machines.

Benefits of Mastercam Mill-Turn

  • Simulation of the Machine Environment
  • Turret Synchronization
  • Automated Job Set-Up
  • Automated Plane Creation based on Solid Parts
  • Turret Tool Management using 3D Tools
  • User Control on Approach & Retract for Optimized and Safe Transitions
  • Balance and Pinch Turning

. . . and much more!

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