In-House Solutions firmly believes in after-sale care and support, and we offer several options to help you find the answers you are looking for. Please note that CIMCO DNC support may require on-site chargeable service.


Phone Support:

Toll Free (North America): +1 (800) 529-5517
Canada: +1 (519) 658-1471
+1 (877) 333-8808


Canada:+1 (519) 658-1335
Quebec: +1 (514) 333-8813


Mastercam Support:
[email protected]

Step-by-step How-To Tips:


How to make Zip2Go files:

Zip2Go Files

How to install a Post Processor:

Post Install

How to update your HASP Code:

HASP Code Update

How to update your NetHASP Code:

NetHASP Code Update

Mastercam X9, 2017 and up How-To Tips by In-House Solutions:

See All Tips Here

Community: is a community site with over 60,000 registered members and over 1 Million posts. Mastercam users from around the world congregate in the forums to ask questions when they need help, answer questions when they can and take advantage of many other features the site has to offer.



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