Mastercam Mill 2D

Mastercam Mill is the leader in speed and efficiency. For nearly a decade, Mastercam has included Dynamic Motion. Carving out massive amounts of material quickly while dramatically extending tool life, Dynamic Motion immediately saves money. Combined with vendor-specific tool support and Mastercam’s expanded Accelerated Finishing, projects come off the machine faster and with higher quality than ever before. From simple to complex, Mastercam Mill’s 2D machining capability delivers the tools you need to compete.


With its Dynamic Motion Technology, Mastercam toolpaths allow you to easily cut hard material on any machine while reducing cycle time, reducing machine wear, and extending tool life. Overall, this includes:

  • Roughing (Opti-Rough)
  • Faster material removal
  • More efficient machining process


Mastercam Mill also includes 3D toolpaths for customers looking for a hybrid product with Full 2D capability and functional 3D toolpaths.


Mastercam Mill includes 3+2 positioning, using planes in Mastercam allows you to program your 4 and 5 axis machines with the same ease as a 3 axis Mill.

Frequently asked questions

How many levels of products are available with Mastercam Mill?

There are 3 different levels of products to fit everyone’s needs. Please see below the chart explaining each level.

Mastercam Mill Mill Entry Mill Mill 3D


Solid modeling
Live surface modeling, patching, and repair
Mesh modeling and editing
Create and dimension live wireframe geometry
Read/write IGES, DXF, SAT, Parasolid, EPS, and more
Read native AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, and more
Part and toolpath nesting


3D tooling
Fully associative toolpaths
Contouring, basic pocketing and basic drilling
Raster to Vector image conversion
In-process stock model
Dynamic Motion toolpaths (2D)
Feature Based Machining
Advanced Pocketing including open pockets
2D high speed machining
3D contour cutting, trimming, and remachining
Machine Simulation
3+2 axis positioning and rotary axis substitution
3D High Speed OptiRough
Dynamic Motion toolpaths (3D)
Accelerated Finishing
Full multisurface and solid toolpaths
5-axis drilling Optional Optional
Simultaneous 4-and 5-axis machining Optional
Can I program any 3D or 3-Axis toolpaths with Mill?

Yes, you can. In fact, our amazing 3D Optirough (previously only available in Mill 3D) can be used for very quick roughing routines. Our customers also have access to our legacy multi-surface/solid rough pocket and finish parallel toolpaths.

Does Mastercam offer Machine Simulation?

Yes, Mastercam offers machine simulation since many versions and it’s now more popular than ever. Including the machine simulation in your programming cycle allows you improve machine setup and simulation. Mastercam will support your fixtures, stock, final part, custom tooling, etc. within the machine simulation.

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