Advanced Drill Toolpath in Mastercam

What is Advanced Drilling?

The Advanced Drilling toolpath allows you to create customized drill operations for specialized applications. Advanced Drill lets you divide each hole into multiple segments and customize the machining action for each segment. This differs from conventional peck drilling because of the amount of control you have over each segment.

For holes that include a large air region between two material zones, Advanced Drill lets you divide the hole into three segments to drill through the holes and rapid between them. Other applications include spot drilling, deep hole drilling, and back spot facing.

For each segment, you can customize any or all of the following conditions:

  • Define individual pecks within the segment, including retracts to simulate a chip break cycle.
  • Set the feed rate or choose rapid motion.
  • Change the spindle speed and direction.
  • Turn coolant options on or off.
  • Add manual entry comments or code.
  • Fine-tune the order in which the commands are output

To see a video about the Advanced Drill that our team created, click HERE.