How to Request a New Post

Have a New CNC Machine and need a New Post?

A post-processor is a critical step for any CAD-CAM process. The post file converts the generic toolpath information into an NC code (G-code) format that a specific CNC machine can understand.
Our product is being constantly developed to provide users with more customizable options for safe and efficient G-code to drive the machine.

To ensure that our team gets all the information needed before they start working on your machine-specific post-processor we need the following information:
1. The CNC machine make and model (Example: INTEGREX i-150)

2. The Control make and model (Example: Mazatrol SmoothX)

3. A picture of the Axis labels and direction as you can see in this example.

4. Any unique information about the machine such as:

  • Does the machine come with multiple heads? What heads were purchased?
  • Is it a multitasking machine?
  • Special header needed for machine monitoring?
  • Rotary axis tables?
  • Number of turrets?
  • Number of spindles?

Note: We may reach out to request a list of g and m codes and the programming manual.

Contact us and let’s work together! Click Here for more information on our IKE Post-Processor and our team of Post-Processor Developers!