The Quick Surface add-on is a powerful option for Verisurf Reverse as it quickly creates smooth, high-quality surfaces from meshes copied from scanned data. It also controls curvature continuity at edges and is ideal for creating Class A surfaces. Overall, Quick Surface is an excellent facilitator for scan-to-part or scan-to-3D-printing processes.


Quick Surface can pull out geometric features with best fit algorithms, draw 3D sketches directly on the reference mesh and build surfaces. It can also create complex Hybrid 3D Models for both organic and prismatic shapes. Usually only available in high-end packages, the parametric behaviour and real-time deviation analyzer give the user ultimate flexibility and control.


Built with easy-to-use tools for extracting features from your 3D scan and fast user interface which allows a user to speed up their time and, in-turn, saves money. Quick Surface helps the user deliver results in the most effective way by providing control at every step of the process.


The Quick Surface Add-On is the most cost-effective reverse engineering solution available on the market. It gives the best results at an affordable price for what you would normally pay for a high-end reverse engineering solution, so there is no need to compromise quality, speed and time on a project ever again.

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