Requesting Post-Processor Changes

At In-House Solutions, our post-processors are supported by a knowledgeable team of developers who are ready to work with you to customize your post to your particular needs.

Here is the information that our post team needs from you to ensure the post runs without issues and is edit-free code.

1. You need to send a Zip2Go file the contains the two files:
1.1 The NC file that has the code with the issue marked up and has the change that you want to see. The following is an example of marked up code:

1.2 The MCAM file that was used to generate the marked up code.

Learn how to create a Zip2Go file here.

2. If you request a specific code, such as an M code, a description of what the command does is required to ensure the code is implemented properly.

3. For post mods (minor modifications) we might need a description of the reason for the change.

Contact our team at [email protected] with any changes.