What’s New in Verisurf 2024


Verisurf 2024 Now Available

In-House Solutions knows that being accurate, efficient and saving costs are important to you and your business, which is why we have the best products to assist with your quality control solutions.

Verisurf 2024 software has been released and the new version provides better productivity workflows, powerful tools, enhanced functions, and expanded sensor and device compatibility, all
designed to better connect metrology and manufacturing.

Here are a few highlights:

  • New RPS (Reference Point System) Alignment accelerates part alignment with precise control, seamlessly connecting measured points to the referenced nominals.
  • New Measure filters provide real-time outlier removal from tactile scan data, including removal of start and end points, distance, waviness, UPR (Undulations Per Revolution), and Sigma.
  • New Extract to Plan is a simple one-button solution to extract geometric features and surface profiles within scanned data.
  • New Auto Align controls enable greater flexibility and power, including alignment to targets in any order, use of gravity plane, and constraining to the highest datum surface target value to comply with industry standards.

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