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Implementing successful Post Processors since 1988, In-House Solutions has one of the largest post departments in the world. Our experience with Mastercam-specific post processor solutions is second to none, and our developers all hold degrees in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering from accredited Canadian Universities.

IKE+ Post Processor GUI by In-House SolutionsIKE Post Processors by In-House Solutions

What sets us apart is our revolutionary post engine called IKE. It allows your post output to be customized effortlessly through post switches. We have an extensive IKE library that is continually being developed and expanded to include current machines and controllers. Most recently we have created a Graphical User Interface called IKE+ which allows IKE Posts to be modified through the GUI instead of having to open the post directly. Currently for Mastercam Resellers only.

Post Processors for Beginners

What is a Post Processor?

A post processor is specially written code that translates Mastercam toolpath information into instructions that the machine needs to cut the part. Each post is unique due to factors such as specific machine and control makes and models, as well as customer preferences.

Once you have installed your post processor and finalized your Mastercam program you can post it out to generate code, then send it to the machine and cut your part!

The 5-step journey from Mastercam to CNC Machine

What is IKE?

What is IKE?

IKE Post Processors by In-House Solutions

In-House Solutions has developed a modern Mastercam Post Processor engine called IKE, which stands for “Inverse Kinematic Engine.”

Designed to integrate with the machine and control definition, IKE calculates and solves 5-axis math (and more) for all toolpath types. Not only that, but IKE can be altered for any machine configuration, with enhancements designed to run the machine with safety as a priority. It contains post switches that allow you to customize the output of your post, effortlessly.

IKE mill posts come with built-in machine simulation (paid add-on), built-in aggregate support (paid add-on), a ready-to-use setup sheet, and we’re still adding more! We give priority to customizations that the resellers want. We release new IKE versions throughout the year, so if you need something, it could be in our post within weeks or months.

Not all Post Processors are created equal. IKE allows you to cut your parts with confidence and keeps your shop running smoothly.


  • Standardized post logic for easy modification and faster support
  • IKE+ support
  • Machine simulation using the CL file format built-in
  • Generic setup sheet generation at posting built-in
  • Ability to run with external license file
  • Continual core development and expanded machine support
  • Master generic posts for the most popular controllers available for easy customization
  • Support for all standard machine configurations

Why switch your old mpmaster post to an IKE post?

MPMASTER Post Processor to IKE Post Processor. Make the switch today. Is your post coming “In-House” for maintenance?  It’s the perfect time to switch your old post to an IKE post!

What you’ll gain by making the switch:

  • The latest features in Mastercam are supported
  • Jobs can be transferred from one machine to another more smoothly
  • Functionality is standardized making programming multiple machines easier
  • Post customization has a faster turnaround time
  • Posts are being constantly developed, so support for the latest features can easily be added as they become available

State of the art technology:

  • Built-in machine simulation (must be licensed)
  • Built-in aggregate head support
  • Built-in free generic setup sheet
  • Supports the most common part tracking functions, such as tool center point control (TCP), tilted work planes (TWP), dynamic work offsets (DWO)
  • Can compensate internally if a machine doesn’t have part/tool tracking/coordinate conversion functions


  • Can be configured for any machine
  • Full simultaneous 5-axis functionality supported (must be licensed) in all posts. Including solution changes, unwind routines, and instability detection
  • Standardized post logic to make for faster and more robust customization
  • Make the change you need on the fly, on the shop floor, at the machine – when it really matters
  • Full in-depth documentation
  • Can accommodate almost every programming style, including:
    • Use any tool plane orientation
    • Use shifted tool planes
    • Use any WCS

What we need to know to get the best posts

What we need to know to get the best posts:

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Every Mastercam post processor is unique due to factors including specific machine and control makes and models, as well as customer preferences. To get the best results, the In-House Solutions Post Department needs the right information.  This information is beneficial for our developers and will help increase speed and accuracy of your posts.

  • Machine and control combination
  • Customer’s application
  • Available machine options
  • How the machine is set up
  • Machine configuration – Schematics of the machine kinematics or annotated pictures of the machine when available
  • Controller make and model
  • Rotary axis direction and limits
  • Sample code

Today’s machines have a vast range of options and can be set up and run in various ways, which means that two identical machine models may require different code depending on how each is set up and how the customer would like to use it. Most of this critical information can be found in sample files, manuals, and machine-specific documentation.

In-House Solutions has been implementing successful post processors around the world for decades, and we look forward to the next challenge. How can we help you?

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